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CityYield Featured on Australia’s Channel 9 Evening News

Managing director Charles Pinckney talks about the reasons why investors across Australia are considering investments in offshore buy-to-let properties. He discusses the pros, cons and best markets for investment today.

“With the current climate in Australia, it is the perfect time for investors to tap into higher yields and stronger capital growth from first-world markets around the globe.”

– Jeremy Kasler, CEO of CityYield

International Property Investing Has Come To Australia

Interest in international property is at an all-time high throughout Australia. Now, with the support of CityYield, non-institutional investors can access lucrative investment opportunities in the United Kingdom, United States, Germany, France and beyond. CityYield helps investors build a profitable portfolio of international buy-to-let property.

Why Invest Internationally?

“We are reconsidering offshore, not so much because we can’t find investments in Australia, but because the world is becoming increasingly globalised and people are looking for diversification.”

– Daryl Brown, CEO of ISPT

Who Are CityYield?

CityYield is a premiere global agency specialising in the sale of investment-grade buy-to-let property across leading international markets. The company has been acknowledged worldwide as the foremost authority on cross-border property investing. Innovative technology combined with a team of renowned analysts has allowed the company to build portfolios that consistently deliver high yields and outstanding returns.

With headquarters in Hong Kong, the company has recently expanded into Australia to help investors achieve greater diversification.


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