UK Financing Now Available

“For the first time, Australian investors can obtain interest-only mortgages for UK investment property.”

While the global community has benefited from portfolios that include UK property, Australian investors have been left in the dark.

One of the biggest reasons has been a lack of financing. Traditionally, restrictive lending practices among banks in Australia and the UK have made it near impossible for Australian investors to obtain mortgages for UK property.

But now, for the first time, the game has changed. CityYield has worked with leading international banks to empower Australian investors with low rate mortgages for UK investment property.

“We found that the main barrier to success for Australians looking to invest internationally was financing. CityYield have streamlined the whole process and identified a way to invest through our direct access to global financial institutions.”

– Jeremy Kasler, CEO of CityYield

Interest-Only Mortgages From 2.99%

By monitoring mortgage financing rates from both local and international banks, CityYield increases investor returns by helping to lower interest expense.

CityYield monitors mortgage financing rates around the globe in order to reduce interest expense incurred by leveraged portfolios. Direct access to global financial institutions, such as HSBC, enables investors to obtain lower mortgage rates than those available locally. This presents yet another opportunity for wealth managers to utilise the CityYield platform to deliver higher returns for clients.

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