Where are the opportunities?

As the world’s leading property markets have risen to unprecedented levels, many investors have become enamored by the wealth generated through capital appreciation. The growth curve of property values in Hong Kong, Sydney, Melbourne, Toronto and Auckland is of historical proportions. While the returns garnered over the last 10 years are impressive, future growth is filled with uncertainty.

One of the most alarming factors facing investors in these markets are the record low yields. As property values have risen, rents have failed to keep pace. Yields in Sydney and Hong Kong have dipped below 3% leaving investors entirely dependent on continued growth.

Prominent investors are looking for better alternatives.

The Revolution Is Growing…

International property investment markets saw volume rise 13% in 2017 to reach more than AUD$2.1 trillion, of which over 21% was purchased by crossborder investors.

International property investing is just starting to garner mainstream appeal. In contrast to other financial markets such as stocks, bonds and commodities, individual investor capital is just beginning to flow across borders. Investors around the world are taking note of this new opportunity and building property portfolios that span the globe. The era of the international property investor has begun.

Why Invest Internationally?

How can you can build a profitable property portfolio?

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