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The CityYield team is constantly evaluating leading property markets worldwide in order to identify the best opportunities for investment. Extensive data is collected to assess rental demand, current supply and develop projections for future growth.

This investment guide highlights the proven criteria and selection process used to identify properties that are positioned for growth. For a limited time, you will also receive an executive summary of the 2018 research findings based on the examination of over 300 property markets and tens of thousands of properties.

The goal, as with all CityYield analysis, is to provide a factual basis for selecting properties that are positioned to provide investors with safe portfolios that deliver high yields and outstanding capital growth.

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Who Are CityYield?

CityYield is a premiere global agency specialising in the sale of investment-grade buy-to-let property across the leading international markets. The company was founded to make global investment property more accessible, easy to purchase and profitable for individual investors. CityYield has been acknowledged around the world as the foremost authority on cross-border property investing.Innovative technology combined with a team of renowned analysts has allowed the company to build portfolios that consistently deliver high yields and outstanding returns.

Based in Hong Kong, the company is growing rapidly with new offices opening across Australia.

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