1. Identify The Best Markets For Investment

“Each year, tens of thousands of properties are evaluated across nearly 300 different markets around the world.”

The CityYield team is constantly evaluating leading property markets worldwide in order to identify the best opportunities for investment. Extensive data is collected to assess rental demand, current supply and develop projections for future growth. CityYield empowers investors by delivering thorough analysis and due diligence reports for each market recommendation.

“Being globally diversified is basically making a bet that the global economy will be in a better position in 20 or 30 years than it is today and I think that is safer than betting on any one specific economy.”

– Luis Viceira, Harvard Business School

2. Build High Yield Property Portfolios

One of the factors facing investors in many local markets are the record low yields. As property values have risen, rents have failed to keep pace. Yields in Sydney and Hong Kong have dipped below 3% leaving investors entirely dependent on continued growth. Investing in global property allows investors to capitalise on higher rents per investment dollar. The yields among CityYield’s recommended property markets are often twice those achieved at a local level.

3. Simplify The Purchase Process

CityYield has streamlined property investing as never before. For the first time, investors can assess a global pool of properties on an objective basis without concern for the purchase logistics of a particular location. No matter the market, CityYield handles the entire investment process from start to finish.

CityYield Services Include:

  • Location Analysis
  • Due Diligence Property Reports
  • Yield & Growth Projections
  • Legal, Regulatory & Tax Advice
  • Rent Analysis & Comparison
  • Management & Maintenance Support
  • Financing Introductions

How can you build a better property portfolio?

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