Who Are CityYield?

CityYield is a premiere global agency specialising in the sale of investment-grade buy-to-let property across the leading international markets. The company has been acknowledged around the world as the foremost authority on cross-border property investing. Innovative technology combined with a team of reowned analysts has allowed the company to build portfolios that consistently deliver high yields and outstanding returns.

Based in Hong Kong, the company is growing rapidly with new offices opening across Australia.

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With the current climate in Australia, it is the perfect time for investors to tap into higher yields and stronger capital growth from first-world markets around the globe.

– Jeremy Kasler, CEO CityYield

Identifying The Most Lucrative Property Investments

CityYield specailises exclusively in the sale of buy-to-let international property. The company takes an objective approach to property, evaluating each opportunity based on financial merit as an investment vehicle. Avoiding the traditional confines of border lines, thousands of properties are screened to ensure solid fundamentals, high yields and strong forward growth indicators.

Why Invest Internationally?

How CityYield Helps Investors

  • Analyse international cities to identify first-world property markets positioned for high growth.
  • Secure off-plan properties from world-class developers in target property markets.
  • Work closely with investors to match investment opportunities with their individual objectives.
  • Conduct thorough due diligence to protect investor interests.
  • Facilitate contracts and oversee legalities of closing process.
  • Assist with introductions to financing options.
  • Arrange property management for buy-to-let properties.
  • Structure high growth and high yielding international portfolios.
  • Help clients rollover or exit existing investment positions to maximise returns.

Our Simple 5 Step Process:

1. Determine Budget

Discuss the desired level of investment and level of financing required.

2. Set Objectives

Determine desired levels of:
• Capital Growth
• Rental Yield 
• Positive Cash Flow

3. Select Markets

Compare recommended property markets to select those best suited for investor goals.

4. Match Criteria

Filter based on investor preferences to compose a list of suitable developments.

5. Invest

Investor works with agent to continue building their property portfolio.

Personalised Strategies

“CityYield helps investors to construct property investment plans based on their unique objectives and strategy.”

CityYield believes in developing personalised strategies to align with investor goals. Experienced agents develop individually tailored property recommendations based on budget, timeframe, targeted returns and market preferences. This proven process produces international property portfolios that consistently meet, or exceed, expectations.

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