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CityYield Featured on Australia’s Channel 9 Evening News

Managing director Charles Pinckney talks about the reasons why investors across Australia are considering investments in offshore buy-to-let properties. He discusses the pros, cons and best markets for investment today.

New service plans to revolutionise international property investment

CityYield, a global agency that specialises in the sale of investment property for rental yield across leading international markets, has launched into the Australian market.

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New opportunity for Aussies to target foreign investment properties

Investing in overseas property has always been fraught with tricks and traps. Now it’s much easier but experts say it comes with a warning.

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The Australian couple who are selling their share of French holiday home

There’s so many levels of property prices all over the world and in this day and age with travel getting cheaper and the world getting smaller, why shouldn’t people in Sydney take advantage of it.

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World’s top 5 destinations for property investors

Australians have an opportunity to capitalise on ideal buying conditions in a host of global property markets, an investment advisory group claims. The findings from global agency City Yield also revealed that Aussie buyers could often get better returns in a host of cities spread across North America, Europe and Asia.

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