Today’s leading investors are frequently using buy-to-let property as part of a powerful diversification strategy. Property helps insulate a portfolio from the unpredictable cycles and turbulence of traditional financial markets. Investing in rental property offers the advantage of a tangible asset with greater upside potential than gold, silver or collectibles.

We’ve identified 6 key benefits to investing in buy-to-let property. Keep reading below…

1. Leverage

The secure and relatively stable nature of property gives banks the confidence to loan money for property investment. It’s one of the few investment vehicles that can capitalise on leverage to benefit individuals. As an investor you can capitalise on low interest rates to build a portfolio that extends beyond your working capital. The effective returns of a leveraged property portfolio is one of the most appealing traits compared to “paper” financial assets.

2. Passive Income

Buy to let property generates a monthly revenue stream from rents paid by tenants. Unlike a stock dividend, rental income follows a consistent and predictable pattern under all economic cycles.

3. Diversification

As part of a diversified portfolio, investors can protect their wealth against currency manipulation, market crashes and changes in the political climate.

4. Guard Against Inflation

Historically, property has always increased in real value at a pace exceeding inflation. Property has intrinsic value that persists independent of currency buying power.

5. High Growth Potential

While precious metals continue to be mined, there is a finite amount of available space in major cities. The limited supply of property and lag in building new developments offers the potential for returns far exceeding other financial assets.

6. Tangible Asset

Real estate is a tangible asset, an investment that you can see and touch. It’s not just a certificate, you are buying a piece of the world. This characteristic gives investors peace of mind knowing that their portfolio is quite literally, grounded.

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