Supporting Wealth Managers & Agents With International Investment Property

In 2017, CityYield unveiled a new initiative allowing wealth management firms to offer international property services directly to clients. The CityYield Partner Program has been applauded by wealth managers as a disruptive innovation that has provided a new level of access to global investment properties. In addition to an attractive commision structure, participating firms gain access to CityYield’s proprietary management portal, extensive research library and world-class team of property experts.

Are you a wealth manager or agent? Start growing client portfolios with international property. Here’s how you do it.

“High-net-worth investors and family offices that have traditionally focused on the most secure fixed-income investments have not been able to earn the returns they require from those assets. They are now looking more and more actively at real estate.”

– Michael Dettmeier, Hogan Lovells

A Powerful Alternative

Investor interest in international property is at an all-time high throughout Australia. Now, with the support of CityYield, wealth managers can introduce clients to lucrative investment opportunities and help them build their own international property portfolio.

In today’s global and highly competitive economy, investors are looking for alternatives. They are looking for ways to protect wealth, diversify their portfolio and generate consistent returns. By leveraging CityYield’s innovative investment platform, wealth managers can help clients profit by investing in international property. It’s a simple and powerful way to provide investors with access to a proven asset class.

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